Sarah Jansen

The Purposeful Mayonnaise is a combo deal literary and art journal and online platform — so very my cup of tea; I love a multi-arts, multi-platform production. They’re doing really interesting things with it.

Today the team published Volume 1 Issue 4: Essence and one of my pieces of short fiction is in it! It’s entitled Spark. Purposeful Mayo is free and you can view it online, download it as a PDF, or even order your very own print-on-demand copy.

Submissions for the online art gallery are open now until 31 December 2021. Their weekly features section, The Bagel Hole, is always open. The third week of each month is all about film photography.

Here’s a link if you feel like buying the editorial team a cup of coffee!

Next goal: have some creative writing published more often than once every year or two.

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