Your presence is requested to witness the marriage of me and… me

Lip Magazine, 14 October 2013

[Weddings are] a public declaration of a new chapter in the couple’s life; of the two of them having figured out what they want to do with their lives, what they want their lives to be, and that they want to live them together. These are mind-boggling achievements and I will never get tired of celebrating them with my people.

What happens, though, when you’ve got everything sorted except someone to do it with? How does one celebrate a fulfilled yet unpartnered life?

If you’re a Melbourne woman named Mary-Anne, you marry yourself.

Slut Pride

We Matter Media, 12 March 2013

…some women see SlutWalk as a way of reclaiming the word ‘slut’; reclaiming as in stripping it of its negative connotations. Apparently women who like to have a lot of sex want to be able to be called sluts and call themselves sluts without it being an insult or put down.

They want SlutWalk to be both an anti-victim blaming protest and a promiscuity pride parade. While these are both important feminist issues, I’m convinced that they are so disparate that one event cannot be about both.

Business Model: Creativity

Filter magazine, issue 74

The open-source culture of the global web technology community encourages creators to share ideas, collaborate and co create. This openness and willingness to connect means that new technological tools and applications are being generated quicker than ever, leading to the massive growth in their accessibility for all users.

Working with technology is now an essential part of all creative practice, even if that means simply maintaining an email account. For many creative professionals, however, leveraging technology means so much more.

You Are Not Your Muffin Top

Musings of an Inappropriate Woman, 2011

Discussions about body image often centre around how women need to have more realistic body role models, or how we need to have representations of “real women’s” bodies in glossy magazines.

If the media included images of women with a diversity of body shapes and sizes, we would see a reduction in disordered eating and an increase in women’s sense of self‑worth. Why? Because, following this reasoning, women’s self‑esteem is dependent on the way we look.


Why Storytelling, Anyway?

Zahmoo blog, 11 May 2011

Since the first humans gathered around a fire, we have been telling stories. Since we first figured out how to make markings, we have been recording them for future generations. Telling stories is fundamental to how we make sense of this often confusing world, how construct our identities, and how we tell each other who we are.

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