Neuroticarium is my zine that explores neurosis and mental illnesses.

I write and draw all the content and plan on publishing four issues a year in February, May, August, November.

I’ve just released the third issue! This quarter’s theme is ‘memory’. 

The more I read about the brain, the more I’m shocked any of us can function at all. Scroll down to buy a copy to join me in my gobsmackedness!

Covers of Issues One and Two

The second issue came out on 19 November 2018 and is all about objects and how we relate to them.

The first issue is themeless, just a pilot issue.

You can order it here for $5 per issue, or subscribe for $15 a year.

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What’s a zine?

Zines—pronounced ‘zeen’ because it’s derived from ‘magazine’—are homemade publications.

They have a hugely rich history in Australia and an important place in the literary and broader cultural landscape, with festivals, fairs, workshops, distributors, and bricks-and-mortar stores dedicated to them. They are held in libraries as ephemera.

Today’s zine culture is part of a tradition following on from the balladeers of the fourteenth century, the eighteenth century’s pamphleteers, the profusion of suffragette magazines in the early twentieth century, the 1930s’ science fiction fanzines, the counter-culture zines of the 1960s and 1970s, 1980s’ punk rock, 1990s Riot Grrls and cyberpunk, and the hand-made bespoke hipster revolution of the past 15 years.


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